Today I am going to tell you about the best landing Page Builder.

So, if you are looking for :
more Conversions
for Sales,

You will definitely love the tools in this post.

Landing Page

Landing Pages are used as a marketing or advertising campaign whose sole objective or goal is Call to Action.

You might have clicked on a link in your mail in inbox or an advertisement which have redirected you to a landing page.

The landing page helps you to increase your conversion rate whether you are looking for a sale of a product or a lead generation.

So, today I am going to tell you my favorite 5 tools to increase your conversions and increase your business be it E-commerce, SaaS or an agency.

1. Unbounce

As the name is suggesting it helps your customer not to bounce from your landing page and make him/her your customer.

This is one of my favourite tool which provide great features to build a landing page.

It comes with built in templates which you can use for your business.

You can design your landing pages with easy drag and drop functionality.

You can use A/B testing to see what suits you best for conversions .

You can use A/B testing to compare landing pages, and test which one is bringing you more conversions.

Another, great feature that Unbouce provides is dynamic text replacement feature.

Be it a marketing agency, an e-commerce store or a SaaS.

You can use Unbounce to create stunning landing pages which will help you ending your potential customer into a customer.


To start your free trial, head to the Unbounce homepage.

2. Instapage

Instapage is one of the best tool available in the industry for making landing pages.

It is a drag and drop tool so you don’t have to worry about coding the landing page.

It really saves your time.

It has awesome features for a casual blogger, an agency and a business.

It has built in analytics (My personal favourite).

You can easily integrate it with your advertisement campaign like adwords, facebook etc.

This will help you analyze the conversions of your landing page.

You can capture leads via a a form and get it connected by different email platforms for email marketing.

You can generate heatmaps (available at higher paid up versions)